Send in the Clowns

19 October 2011

There was yet another Republican debate on cable last night. My first thought was WHY?  What could this Conservative version of the seven dwarfs say that they haven’t already said?


Herman Cain, the flavor of the month, bleated on and on about his 9-9-9 plan.  The fact that scholarly economists and economic groups have shown conclusively that his tax plan will do harm to the lover income groups while lessening he tax burden on the wealthy is of no concern to Cain.

His mantra is “they’re comparing apples to oranges.”

He needs to reframe his analogy.  Kumquats and pears?  Bananas and guava?

Taxes are taxes.

Cain’s plan won’t work.  That he still insists that those who disagree are immediately wrong is more an indication of his leadership style than his intellectual ability.

I’ve worked for several people like Cain.  They honestly, if wrongly, believe they are the smartest person in the room and will berate and shout down those who disagree with them, even when the facts prove the Cain’s of the world wrong.

But not to worry, there’s not much of a chance Cain will win the nomination.  Let him make a few more electric border fence or it’s the fault of the unemployed they are out of work and he’ll be kicked to the sidewalk just like all of the front-runners have been.

Perry and Romney had me excited.  For a few moments I thought they would turn the debate into the latest version of the WWF’s Monday Night Raw.  Instead they regaled us with heated rhetoric that helped no one have a better understanding of which might make a better president. 

What we didn’t get last night (or any other debate night) was a real plan by a real candidate on how to rebuild America.

The saddest part of this whole circus is the sorry state of the Republican Party.  No longer articulate standard bearers of their party, the GOP has been reduced to a collection of shrill, factually inaccurate, red meat tossers more concerned with raising money and stirring the base than raising hope for the people of America.

The theme music for the remaining debates should be “Send in the Clowns.”

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