Gays Need Not Apply

It comes as no surprise to me that another church in Oklahoma has divested itself from their national organization.

This time the honors go to First Presbyterian Church of Enid. They voted 131 – 69 to pull out of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The reason?  They don’t want gays in the pulpit or as deacons or elders.

Prejudice once again raises it’s ugly head in a Christian church whose figurehead spent lots of time with the outcasts and sinners of his society.

Why can’t these “Christians” in Enid do the same?

Their pastor, Roy Schneider, said in his resignation letter that the issue “is about far more than biblical sexual ethics.”

“It’s about our understanding of such core issues as justice, sin, repentance, grace, love, forgiveness and biblical authority.”

If Christians wonder why so many now question their faith, take a good look at this latest attempt by a church to rid itself of “sinners.”

I doubt very seriously these Enid Christians follow every precept of their Bible. 

I haven’t heard of public stoning for adultery, bans on eating shellfish or pork.  Nor have I heard of the members of this church religiously adhering to all of the rules and laws set forth in the Bible.

What we see here is a group supposedly committed to being good Christians by their very act of leaving their national group over gays acting in a way contrary to what Jesus would have done.

First there was the apple.  Since then Christians have used another fruit, the picked cherry, to determine which parts of the Bible they want to follow and which ones are more convenient to ignore.

I wonder if these congregants of First Presbyterian of Enid are also tossing out the adulterers, the drug and alcohol users, the child and spouse abusers, the blasphemers, those who curse…. There’s a long list of sins for them to go over in the Bible.

It’s too easy to call these people hypocrites.  It’s harder to call them Christians.

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